Ally Rhodes

Ally Rhodes is a singer/songwriter from Omaha, Nebraska. She doesn't remember a time when music was not her main passion in life. 


1. Who is your biggest musical influence and why?
my biggest musical influence changes from day to day.. lately it's been either ed sheeran, because his songs are simple yet breathtaking, and tori kelly because she has possibly the greatest voice and control of any artist i've ever heard. 


2. What is your earliest memory of music?
my earliest memory of music is when i was really young and was upset about something and didn't know what to do so i tried to write a song about it. it was pretty terrible, obviously, but at least it was a start! 


3. What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
my ultimate goal as an artist is to be able to fully sustain myself by making my music exactly how i want it to sound, maintaining my artistic integrity, and independently releasing an average of about an album a year. 

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Music by Ally Rhodes

  • Home by Ally Rhodes

    Home by Ally Rhodes

    Added on August 07,2012

    A great cover of Chris Daughtry's Home as performed by the talented Ally Rhodes. What a good job she does with this. You gotta hear it!

  • River Song by Ally Rhodes *ORIGINAL

    River Song by Ally Rhodes *ORIGINAL

    Added on August 29,2012

    Ally Rhodes shows off her writing skills with her original titled River Song. It's proof that she can do it all; write, play and sing!

  • Dance In The Dark by Ally Rhodes

    Dance In The Dark by Ally Rhodes

    Added on October 02,2012

    Ally Rhodes does a great job covering Lady Gaga's Dance In The Dark acoustically. Great version of a great tune!

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