Daisy Howard

Daisy Howard eats, sleeps and lives music. She works on her own material and also plays a variety of covers. Music is her passion.
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Music by Daisy Howard

  • I Miss You by Daisy Howard

    I Miss You by Daisy Howard

    Added on July 29,2012

    Check out this take on Blink 182's I Miss You. Daisy Howard puts her own mark on this one, and it's a winner!

  • Big Me by Daisy Howard

    Big Me by Daisy Howard

    Added on August 15,2012

    Daisy Howard puts her mark on the Foo Fighters' Big Me. Her incredible voice and guitar playing get the job done! Great job!

  • Californication by Daisy Howard

    Californication by Daisy Howard

    Added on September 14,2012

    Hear Daisy Howard play an amazing cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers' Californication. She does great with this, you gotta listen!

  • Dani California by Daisy Howard

    Dani California by Daisy Howard

    Added on October 10,2012

    Daisy Howard covers Dani California by Red Hot Chili Peppers. She really makes this song her own, check it out!

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