Otan Vargas

Otan Vargas is a singer/songwriter from the Philippines. He was born and raised in Tondo, which is the poorest place in Manila. This greatly influenced his writing style.


1. Who is your biggest musical influence and why?
My biggest influence is my Father, he was a folk singer when I was growing up, and I watch him perform in different places, from small venues in Manila Philippines (where I grew up) to theaters in Barcelona Spain. :) 


2. What is your earliest memory of music?
My earliest memory of music was listening to Karen Carpenter's music, my mom always play her music when she goes to office and it makes me think that she is home :p cause my mom sounds like her when she sings. :) 


3. What is your ultimate goal as an artist?
My ultimate goal as an artist is to share my music to as many people as I can, I don't need to be famous, I just want the people who needs this kind of music and message to hear it. and I'm not going to stop if I know someone still needs my music. 

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Music by Otan Vargas

  • Zoe Jane by Otan Vargas

    Zoe Jane by Otan Vargas

    Added on August 08,2012

    Otan Vargas sounds very close to Aaron Lewis in his cover of Staind's Zoe Jane! Check it out and hear for yourself!

  • Maybe I by Otan Vargas *ORIGINAL

    Maybe I by Otan Vargas *ORIGINAL

    Added on August 09,2012

    Hear an amazing original song by Otan Vargas. This song is called Maybe I and sounds unbelievable! You gotta check this one out!

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